Straight Teeth in Less Time

Straight Teeth in Less Time

  • 3 Preventative Dentistry Services You Should Ask Your Kid's Dentist About

    When it comes to protecting your little one, you might be focused on keeping them safe from communicable diseases like the flu, while simultaneously overlooking the importance of their dental health. However, by communicating with your kid's dentist and taking the right precautions, you can help them to enjoy a beautiful, comfortable smile. Here are three preventative dentistry services you should ask your child's dental provider about.   1. Routine Cleanings

  • Beware Of These Foods That Can Cause Damage To Your Teeth

    When it comes to maintaining good oral health, it goes beyond brushing and flossing twice a day -- you also need to be careful about what you eat. Some foods will cause more damage than others, especially if the remnants from them sit on your teeth all day long. Here are some foods that you should avoid due to the harm that they can cause: Candy One food that should be quite obvious is candy, especially hard candy.

  • Pediatric Dentists: Finding Good Help In Your Area

    Every parent knows that a trip to the dentist can quickly turn from a dream to a nightmare in seconds flat. Children may not understand everything that is happening in a dentist's office, and are more likely than adults to have a hard time. Before giving up on your child's smile, here are a few tips on how to find a competent pediatric dentist in your area. Ask For Referrals. Your friends, family, and other parents from your child's school will likely have some good referrals for you.

  • Three Tips For Protecting Your Oral Health During Chemotherapy Treatment

    If you're diagnosed with cancer, your doctor may recommend you go through chemotherapy to eradicate the disease. However, this treatment can cause a variety of uncomfortable and even harmful side effects to manifest, some of which may negatively impact your teeth and gums. Here are three tips for keeping your mouth healthy while undergoing chemo. Prevent Dry Mouth from Settling In The most common complication people partaking in chemotherapy experience is dry mouth.

  • Need A Dental Extraction Without General Anesthesia? Learn The Basics Of The Procedure

    If you have impacted wisdom teeth or a root canal that's failed, you may need to have a tooth extraction. You don't necessarily need to go to the hospital or be put under anesthesia to have this done -- many dental offices offer tooth extraction services. If you've never had a tooth extracted, you may be a little nervous. Read on to learn more about dental extractions and what to expect.

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    I had braces when I was a kid. Back then, you had to wear those metal wires and rubber bands for what seemed like forever. When I saw that my child’s teeth were going to be crooked like mine, I was dreading the years of braces and orthodontist appointments and limited diets that I saw stretching ahead of us. I was pleased to find out that braces today are very different from braces when I was a kid. They don’t need to be worn for nearly as long, and they aren’t as intrusive, either. My daughter got braces that can barely be seen, and she can remove them when she eats, so she doesn’t have to give up her favorite foods. I was so impressed that I started a blog to talk about modern day tooth straightening techniques. Braces have come a long way.